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We recently took delivery of a new laser tag system, made by the Australian firm whose products we have used since 2005.  We are selling two older laser tag systems that have given us good service and are being replaced only because of the commercial need to have the latest and best.  The older systems are perfect for many applications such as youth groups, summer camps, or even for private use at cabins or acreages.  The life span and reliability and function of these commercial systems is quite amazing and in a different world than the toy systems that are available.  This gear will give work-horse performance for years to come.
Commercial Laser Tag Systems
The Satr 2 System - the newer system
The title refers to the name that the manufacturer, Battlefield Sports, hung on the product.  The Satr stands for small arms transmit / receive, and the name is accurate.  The laser guns talk to each other and form a type of system.  When you hit another player, his gun will notify him that he has been hit and your gun will notify you that you hit him.  The guns communicate with each other and speak to the players holding them.

The system allows two teams such that friendly fire has no effect on your team mates.  Also, the system allows the use of medic boxes that can be set to only reactivate one or the other team.  Limited reactivations can be quickly programmed into the medic boxes.

A ref gun can talk to the players' guns and speed setup and gun adjustments.  The players' guns talk to their users to let them know various details of play.  And any gun can be set as a ref gun or a medic gun.

Range is 200 feet.  The guns that we have for sale are quite light and amazingly durable.  We are enthusiastic supporters of the Battlefield brand and if you do express an interest, we can give you a glowing report on how the guns have stood up and how easy they are to repair.  The guns are nowhere near the end of their lifespan.  See pricing lower on page.
The photos on this page show
the Cobra laser gun, the gun
with its rain guard in place, 
and the medic box used to
reactivate players who have
been knocked out of play.

The Merrill Dunes website is
thick with photos showing these
light weight and durable guns
in action.  This page has sample
video links that show the guns
in use.
Our Youtube video (above) explains how the Cobra guns work.

The Youtube video below, explains a mini-tag game where Cobra guns are used.
The medical box needs to connect with the sensor on the gun or with one of the head sensors on the player's hat.
The landed price of the new units we are buying is well over the $500 mark.  The Cobra guns we are selling can be converted to the new configuration for around $135.00, but for most buyers, the current features of the system is likely all you will want.  The guns are a low cost entry into laser tag and you will be impressed with the value you are getting for your money.  Prior to having Battlefield gear I would never have guessed that such products could be made to endure the way this equipment has, but the guns in these photos are 5 years old and still look quite new - and work as well as when they were new.

We have 32 guns and two medic boxes and we want $3200 for the whole system - about $90 per unit.  Youth groups or summer camps would be ideal settings for the equipment.

As a comparison we charge $27.50 for 2 hr group outings.  Four uses of each gun more than pays for the capital cost.

The guns can stand some rain
but the covers are included 
and can be useful on iffy days.

You will need to secure one or more battery chargers such as those shown on the left.  They are easy to come by and are the same as those used to charge remote control car toys.

You also need a method of attaching the head sensors.  Examples are shown.  All that is needed is a hat or headband with a front and rear velcro pad.  We will likely be able to help buyers out with several different options or advice on how to fabricate your own solution.

The adjustable bandalier shows team colour and can be used effectively under night lights.  Many people have trouble seeing colour under night lighting but they can see shape - thus the round dot that stands out due to contrast and provides a shape identification.
When I was 15 years old I secured a small town Honda motorcycle dealership at a time when most people had never heard of Honda. The venture was highly successful and it illustrates what dedicated young people can accomplish.  If you live on an acreage, have an interest in laser tag, and have some electronic and mechanical aptitude, I can give you a game plan to develop a small business venture that has an extremely high chance of success and minimal downside risk.  You can secure one of our older game systems at a price far lower than the figures listed on these pages as well as vital advice from me on how you can set up a viable backyard business and tap into a client base that you will be able to look after very effectively.  Interested?  Call me or have your parents call me and I can get a read on your circumstances and give you my thoughts.  George Manning - 306-280-4100