Merrill Dunes is easy to find and easy to get to. From the Circle Drive exits, it is about 9 km to the Dunes.  Access to the Dunes is excellent from either the west or east side of the city via Circle Drive and the South Bridge.  

- Take the Valley Road/Landfill exit off Circle Drive.  Go past the City Landfill and Bus Barn/Snow Dump and follow Valley Road south.
- Just after you pass the Strawberry Ranch, turn right (west) on Merrill School Road and go past Merrill Road (#3062) and come to Merrill 
 Lane (#3063).  There is a reflective sign at junction and at each turn.
- There is a Merrill Dunes sign at the intersection of Merrill School Road and Merrill Lane. Turn left (south) and go approx 1km. The 
 Dunes is at 457 Merrill Lane and two signs also let you know that you have arrived! Directional signs will guide you to the parking lot.

N 52 02.902 W 106 47.830 

PDF Map (printable)
Includes directions for arriving from different origins (e.g. Vanscoy).

Google Maps
I believe that Merrill Dunes is accurately represented on Google Maps.  There was a time that such was not the case but recent visitors seemed to have been directed correctly, rather than ending up in the neighbor's sheep farm!
Merrill     Dunes