To make contact with Merrill Dunes or George Manning:

Phone  -  306-382-2728 ( Land Line )

Cell and Texting - 306-280-4100 - don't hesitate to try my cell but if you get the answering machine, I am likely in a bad reception zone. Texting is the contact ideal, I will be back to you VERY quickly.  But I do insist on being provided with the name of the person texting me.  Text messages with no identity have proven to be a nightmare of wasted time.


E-mail is not the most reliable method as e-mails may not be checked for a day or two.  But they are checked and we do get back to anyone who uses e-mail, eventually!

Mailing Address - This is the VITAL address that you need for mailing deposit cheques.  Be sure to avoid using the street address given in the phone book.   It won't work.

Merrill Dunes
PO Box 33030 Confederation Park
Saskatoon, SK
Merrill     Dunes
Leave a message if you get the answering machine, or try the cell number that is given on the message. We are open almost all the time ( Friday evening and Saturday during the day being the exception ) but we are often away from the land-line phone. Usually a message will get a rapid response.  We certainly don't mind calling back, even if you have worked out some other arrangement or have already solved the problem you were calling about. Texting the cell is #1 method for fast assistance.