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When you make a booking, we immediately incur significant costs.  Very few, if any, Action Tag operations assure clients of pre-arranged and secured exclusive use of the entire field and hospitality zone.  And very few, if any, provide the level of personal attention and staffing quality that we have delivered for the last 26 years. These features do not occur by chance and without cost.  We risk the cost of cancellations, and, coming up with a method to minimize this issue is tricky - as in, hitting a balance between being fair to sincere clients AND avoiding taking repeated beatings due to a significant number of irresponsible "bookings" and last minute "Too Bad Dunes" cancellations.

So here is our current formula; when you make a booking we give you two days to make sure your group is on board.  Then you provide us with a valid credit card number as security for us reserving your exclusive time spot.  We immediately run a $10.00 charge on the card.  If you cancel with less than a week to go, we will likely not be able to rent out that spot, BUT the formal deal is that you can cancel up to three days ahead, but after that, you pay $100 if you fail to come (for any reason) and play with the specified minimum number of players.  You have the option of coming with less than the minimum but you pay the minimum charge.  The only reason the $100 is waived is if, at the exact time of the booking, it is either too wet or too cold, or society has suddenly collapsed, according to our evaluation.  So, any booking is going to cost you $10.00, and a cancel within 3 days will cost you a further $100.  But so long as you come as you promised, the $10.00 will be knocked off your bill and the $100 will never be charged.  If weather vetos an event, you lose the $10 - refund details are a hassle on such a small amount.  We are on sand in a dry zone and weather is rarely an issue.

We want groups to act as they have promised and our "slap on the wrist penalty" is geared to pressure anyone making a booking to recognize that a booking is a two way agreement with risk on both sides. If what we provide isn't of value to you, considering this issue needs to be done prior to "booking". Over the years we have seen many last minute cancellations that state that our commitment to deliver the goods is taken for granted and that we are responsible for the bungling AND in many cases, the misfortune of committed clients.  Our "small penalty" system signals that we are both in this together.

To illustrate some historic situations of bungling, crude dealing, AND of real client risk >> the group simply doesn't show up & credit card is a dud, all the friends of the booking agent copped out at the last minute, the forecast - three days ahead, indicates rain, the birthday boy breaks his arm or gets sick, a member of the group has a car accident on the way to the event, the team members find out they have tryouts, the team comes down with croup, the mothers of the team decide it is too cold to play, the head of the corporate outing is uneasy about the weather, the corporate group voted to do something else, there is a death in the family, the group decides at the last minute that it is politically incorrect to attend.  Obviously many of these "reasons" are legitimate but all are risks in the world of the booking agent - think about your risks before you commit to a booking and to locking Merrill Dunes into your world!  And appreciate that we are not nailing you to a two week or one week deadline - Three Days and a relatively small dollar compensation is all we are asking.


Call 306-382-2728 or call or text 306-280-4100
Call 306-382-2728 or call or text 306-280-4100
During the last two weeks in June - Grad time - we are a bit stricter on bookings.  Discuss this when lining up Grad Events.
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